Day 1

13 April 2016


“Accurate data is the foundation of any good marketing strategy, as it offers valuable insights into your business and opportunities for future direction,” Juanita McGowen, marketing analyst ( Data is an integral component of almost all marketing campaigns and strategy, and recognised as being particularly important in advertising and customer experience efforts. With consumer demand for personalisation arguably making information the most valuable currency. How can marketers work with real-time, large-scale data to make effective decisions? In these sessions we examine latest trends in managing data, analytics platforms and the outcomes produced.


Breakout Panel Discussion 2: Influencer marketing masterclass

  • Targeting the right influencers for your brand and communicating effectively with their audience
  • Assessing reach and level of engagement
  • What costs to expect when working with influencers
  • Metrics and measurements to assess the value of influencer relationships



Closing panel: Data driven marketing for personalisation and targeting

  • Taking the concept of effective direct marketing into the digital sphere
  • To what extent can added personalisation add value to a digital marketing campaign?
  • Assessing the effectiveness of options that exist across social platforms to tailor executions
  • Programmatic advertising to optimise targeting across multiple platforms
  • Issues of automation – potential pitfalls and things to consider

Day 2

14 April 2016


Analysing digital sentiment to measure success

  • Benefits and challenges of using sentiment analysis to quantify emotions
  • How refined is out ability to measure sentiment?
  • Process behind building a digital sentiment index
  • Outcomes – what can this approach provide to the business?
  • Next evolutions and expectations for sentiment analysis


Digital Innovation Lab 2: Data Driven Problem Solving

In this Innovation Lab we explore how data can be harnessed to solve problems for brand marketers, by working through simulation. This will be followed by a panel discussion drawing lessons from the exercise and an opportunity to put your questions on Data Driven Problem Solving to our experts.

Bring along a pen, a calculator and a logical mind.



Panel Discussion: Don’t Look At Your Social Data in Isolation: Contextualize It To Understand ROI

  • Unlock new business insights with social data integration
  • A blueprint for viral content: how network analysis can revolutionize your social media strategy
  • Add value to your brands with social data intelligence



Review & Rating enabled Forecast Simulation – Data Driven Marketing Decision

  • Data driven decision making: Why now?
  • How Digital impacts the way we make high impact decisions?
  • New ways of collecting consumer intelligence / insights
  • Forecast simulation to assess the highest Return-On-Investment options.
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