Day 1

20 June 2016


The Content Marketing Institute recently updated its definition of content marketing to: “A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and ultimately to drive profitable customer action.” Good quality content, distributed effectively across digital and social channels, can improve customer relationships, boost engagement and raise brand awareness. However, as the importance of content marketing increases so does the need to evaluate its value. In these sessions we will look at how best to create, curate and distribute content to meet marketing goals. We also investigate what brand’s approaches should be to content marketing in terms of setting goals and measuring its effectiveness: Does content have a ROI? And if so how can this be measured and analysed?



Mariano Bosaz

Global Digital Senior Director

The Coca-Cola Company

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  • How mobile technology and a connected workforce are revolutionising global consumer behaviours
  • New technologies allowing people to build and create unique customised product and service experiences
  • Emerging retail experiences because of the disruption of current business models and financial transaction systems
  • More meaningful ways to connect
. Mariano Bosaz, Global Digital Senior Director, The Coca-Cola Company


Social media’s role in business transformation – a perspective from GOV.UK

Georgina Goode

Group Head of Engagement and Social Media

Government Digital Service, Cabinet Office

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  • Discussing the role of social media in business transformation
  • Debating the shift in focus for social media engagement: from marketing to usability
  • Highlighting the intrinsic role social media plays in business operations, signposting users to the information they need, providing support and using digital monitoring tools to inform better service design
  • Best practice advice on utilising social media content, tools and data to support better service delivery
. Georgina Goode, Group Head of Engagement and Social Media , Government Digital Service, Cabinet Office


Don’t just collect data for data’s sake

Julia Jakubiec

Digital Analyst

The Economist Group

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Stephanie Zou

Director of Product Marketing


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We’ll share real experiments we’ve tried that uses customer data to:

  • Attract the right kind of buyers
  • Write better messaging and content
  • Convince customers to use your products
  • Get customers to love your brand
. Julia Jakubiec, Digital Analyst, The Economist Group
. Stephanie Zou, Director of Product Marketing, Zendesk

Day 2

21 June 2016


Breakout Panel Discussion 2: The art of storytelling: Content Marketing Masterclass

Paul Gill

Head of Digital Engagement


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Jason Wills

Marketing Director

Charles Wells

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Kelvin Lee

Director, Social Media Marketing for Financial & Risk

Thomson Reuters

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Aaron Eccles

Head of Social Media

Endemol Shine UK

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Luisella Giani



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  • Defining the aims for content marketing
  • What makes great content for marketing storytelling?
  • Structures to incorporate user-generated content as part of your content marketing plan
  • Tailoring content for different platforms and audiences
  • Impacts of images, video and text

This panel will be moderated by Chris Middleton, Journalist, The Strategist Magazine

. Chris Middleton, Journalist,
. Paul Gill, Head of Digital Engagement, Oxfam
. Jason Wills, Marketing Director, Charles Wells
. Kelvin Lee, Director, Social Media Marketing for Financial & Risk, Thomson Reuters
. Aaron Eccles, Head of Social Media, Endemol Shine UK
. Luisella Giani, Founder, ExpatGenius


Content and the Social Media Identity Crisis

Bian Salins

Head of Social - Digital

TSB Bank

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Move over social media, there’s a new kid in town called content. With social coming off age, have the big questions like ‘Who owns social?’ or ‘What is the ROI of social?’ ‘How do we scale social?’ been resolved? Brands have spent long arduous hours debating some of these questions and over the years, we’ve seen examples and case studies of what good looks like to help us navigate the ever changing landscape that is digital marketing.
In a 20 minute Ted style talk, Bian Salins, social media veteran explores how social and content may just be suffering the same growing pains and how brands can tackle some of those age old questions that just don’t seem to go away….

. Bian Salins, Head of Social - Digital, TSB Bank