Day 1

20 June 2016


“Accurate data is the foundation of any good marketing strategy, as it offers valuable insights into your business and opportunities for future direction,” Juanita McGowen, marketing analyst ( Data is an integral component of almost all marketing campaigns and strategy, and recognised as being particularly important in advertising and customer experience efforts. With consumer demand for personalisation arguably making information the most valuable currency. How can marketers work with real-time, large-scale data to make effective decisions? In these sessions we examine latest trends in managing data, analytics platforms and the outcomes produced.


Keynote: Integrated marketing in a digital world

  • Developing an integrated approach
  • Data analytics for real customer insight
  • Driving customer engagement through multiple media
  • Continuing relationships through CRM and brand advocacy



Gugs Sarna

Head of LEWIS Pulse UK

LEWIS Global Communications

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Pollyanna Ward

Digital and Social Media Manager

Mondelez International

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Petra Green

Marketing Director - Data, Digital & Systems

Bloomsbury Publishing

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Alberto Barreiro

Chief Experience Officer


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Roy Jacques

Managing Director


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Bian Salins

Head of Social - Digital

TSB Bank

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  • Predictive intelligence: to what extent can data from digital channels provide customer insight to help you predict future action?
  • The challenges involved with marketing engaging in real-time dialogue with customers – and the tools and data to help make this happen
  • Case-studies and examples of turning customer insights into action


This panel will be moderated by Roy Jacques, Managing Director, Sysomos

. Gugs Sarna, Head of LEWIS Pulse UK, LEWIS Global Communications
. Pollyanna Ward, Digital and Social Media Manager, Mondelez International
. Petra Green, Marketing Director - Data, Digital & Systems, Bloomsbury Publishing
. Alberto Barreiro, Chief Experience Officer, PRISA
. Roy Jacques, Managing Director, Sysomos
. Bian Salins, Head of Social - Digital, TSB Bank


Social behaviors: Understanding the audiences behind the data

Rebecca Carson

Head of Research


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Social & Digital Media is holding up a mirror to us all as consumers, but it is also changing us as people. It’s changing our behaviours, our attention spans, where we go for stimulation and inspiration and how we build our self-image. In this 30 minute keynote, we’ll use practical examples to demonstrate how pivoting our social research methodology to focus on the people behind the tweet can help marketers to create content that will provide today’s consumer with the person-centric experience they crave.

. Rebecca Carson, Head of Research, Brandwatch


Omni-channel dreams, why reality fails

Ben Silcox

Chief Data Officer


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  • What it takes to become truly consumer centric
  • The impact of the personal data economy
  • Developing customer insight that actually drives performance
  • Creating omni-channel where it really matters, within the organisation
  • Identifying skills and capabilities that should be owned by your Brand
  • Watch-outs for buying from consultants, technology companies and agencies
. Ben Silcox, Chief Data Officer, AnalogFolk


Closing panel: Data driven marketing for personalisation and targeting

Raluca Efford

Head of Digital & Social Engagement

Direct Line Group

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Aríade Meira

Global Head of Digital Marketing


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Bobby Gill

Data & Digital Analytics Director

The Economist

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  • Taking the concept of effective direct marketing into the digital sphere
  • To what extent can added personalisation add value to a digital marketing campaign?
  • Assessing the effectiveness of options that exist across social platforms to tailor executions
  • Programmatic advertising to optimise targeting across multiple platforms
  • Issues of automation – potential pitfalls and things to consider


This panel will be moderated by Chris Combemale, CEO, DMA Group

. Raluca Efford, Head of Digital & Social Engagement, Direct Line Group
. Aríade Meira, Global Head of Digital Marketing, Regus
. Bobby Gill, Data & Digital Analytics Director, The Economist
. Chris Combemale, CEO, DMA Group

Day 2

21 June 2016


Visual Analytics: Leveraging the power of millions of images across the web

Christophe Folschette



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. Christophe Folschette, Co-founder, Talkwalker


Breakout Panel Discussion 1: Blended data: Understanding the true value of social

Luke Watkins-Lewis

Head of Digital Marketing Management

Kaspersky Lab

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Sean Smith

Head of Account Management EMEA


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  • Why all brands need to build a Customer Insight Centre
  • What is a data lake and how to build one
  • How to use social data to empowers sale, CRM and other key data sources
  • Why you should start looking at sentiment again and how there is a revolution happening with NLP


This panel will be moderated by Sean Smith, Head of Account Management EMEA, Brandwatch


. Luke Watkins-Lewis, Head of Digital Marketing Management, Kaspersky Lab
. Sean Smith, Head of Account Management EMEA, Brandwatch


The new role of Marketing

Miguel Rodriguez

Head of Digital Marketing & Brand


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  • Customer centricity: is this something new or have we been discussing this for a long time?
  • New trends: mobile, data centric, new advertising models
  • Challenges for marketing teams: customer journey, omnichannel approach
  • The Opportunity
. Miguel Rodriguez, Head of Digital Marketing & Brand, Telefónica