Day 1

19 June 2016

#DMWF – Full Agenda

#DMWF is a digital and social marketing conference which brings together the worldwide marketing community to tackle the challenges that the digital future presents. The digital landscape is always evolving and we are looking to help digital marketers equip themselves and address these challenges with case-study led content, interactive debates and structured innovation labs. (For the breakout sessions and innovation labs listed on the agenda there will be 2-3 groups running at once, and attendees should chose to participate in one of the sessions listed at concurrent times. All other talks and panel discussions will take place in the #DMWF Keynote theatre.)


Chair’s welcome and opening remarks


Keynote: Disrupt or be disrupted

  • Understanding how technology is transforming industries and how best to respond
  • Exploring the potential of digital disruption and staying ahead of the curve
  • Discussing business models behind digital disruption
  • Don’t be a victim – What you should have done yesterday


Panel Discussion: Data driven marketing strategies: How much can you afford to spend on a new customer?

  • Big data vs. small data: how do you filter through the data noise and identify what’s relevant?
  • Quantifying the real value of social for your business
  • How can you help the business build social KPIs into business’ objectives?
  • Using analytics to accelerate customer understanding
  • Choosing a data management platform


Cross-channel revenue drivers – engage customers where and when it’s most cost effective

  • Keyword density analysis
  • Best practice link development
  • Blog content development
  • Meta-tags and meta-data


Networking Break


Breakout Panel Discussion 1: Email marketing and the effectiveness of personalisation and data segmentation to increase engagement

  • How to select the best people to mail: segmentation vs. scoring
  • Looking at effective data segmentation techniques and data mining processes
  • Using data to develop relevant and personalised marketing correspondence that drives business performance


Breakout Panel Discussion 2: How to create effective landing pages that increase conversions for your PPC or Email marketing campaigns

  • How to maximise your page’s success and ROI – rules for landing page optimisation and lead generation
  • Conversion optimisation to turn visits into sales
  • Looking at effective email marketing platforms that help to increase conversion rates and engagement
  • Discussing design considerations


Data Automation vs. Data Reputation: Is data transforming marketing for better or worse?

  • How is data transforming marketing?
  • What stands between marketer and consumer?
  • How could publishers be better harnessing their first party data in a programmatic world to leverage more effective planning insights for agencies and advertisers?


The powerful potential of video storytelling to engage and inspire audiences to take action

  • Discussing video’s value proposition, key considerations and tactics content marketers can leverage when creating video content for mobile
  • Driving deeper, more satisfying relationships between your brand and your audience using video’s emotionally resonant combinations of visuals, motion and sound
  • How to create unique, entertaining or immersive experiences that viewers will remember and positively associate with your brand and its values
  • Exploring latest video technologies and the marketing and advertising potential


Networking Lunch


Breakout Session 1: #DMWF Inspiration

Learn about the latest Digital Marketing tools, technologies, tips & tricks that can drive your business forward in these inspiring 2 x 20 mins presentations.


Breakout Session 2: #DMWF Inspiration

Learn about the latest Digital Marketing tools, technologies, tips & tricks that can drive your business forward in these inspiring 2 x 20 mins presentations.


Breakout Panel Discussion 1: Online advertising strategy: e-Commerce platforms in social media channels

  • Driving increase in UV to checkout conversation rate
  • Optimisation of product pages
  • User experience and design in digital marketing
  • Programmatic marketing as a cost-effective and ROI-driven approach to digital advertising


BREAKOUT PANEL DISCUSSION 2: Building long-lasting influencer relationships

  • Are microfluencers the next generation of influencer marketing?
  • How to identify the ‘right’ influencers that are a natural fit for your brand
  • Do influencers need to have cross-channel reach?
  • How do you measure success and manage relationships?
  • Which affect will the new General Data Protection Regulations set to be introduced in 2018 have on this form of advertising (opt-in, rather than opt-out)?


Speed Networking


Optimising your affiliate marketing program to increase revenue, maximising ROI

  • Developing your strategy – looking at commission structure, communication channels, budget, data tracking and conversion metrics
  • Creating a well-structured affiliate program that significantly boosts website traffic and delivers new customers
  • Successful relationship management with publishers


Mobile brand engagement – creating an emotional attachment to your brand

  • Is mobile the ultimate brand engagement platform?
  • Using hyper segmentation to reach different, specific groups with accurately tailored messages
  • Benefits of remarketing, beaconing and other mobile technologies
  • How can marketers leverage these attributes to their brand’s advantage and improve ROI?


Panel Discussion: Copywriting for digital: Skimmers and scanners vs longer readers

  • Making sure enhanced content is working just as hard for you and your SEO
  • When copy alone is not enough
  • Making the most of each medium


#DMWF Drinks Reception

Our networking drinks take place on the evening of the first day of the event in the demo area, offering you the perfect chance to catch up after a day of learning whilst also having a well-earned, relaxing drink.

Day 2

20 June 2016


Chair’s welcome and opening remarks


Keynote: Digital content strategy: Objectives, KPIs and feedback to refine the marketing mix

  • Defining an all-encompassing strategy that determines how you approach communications across all your digital channels
  • Setting a core goal for your digital content strategy, supported by a set of key performance indicators that help you monitor and evaluate your strategy over time
  • Communicating with all your audiences – having micro, one-to-one, two-way conversations
  • What platforms perform best?
  • How will you generate value that exceeds the investment?


Customer journey development: site experience and customer journey strategy

  • Techniques for mapping your customer journeys across different touchpoints
  • Technology to identify and recognise your customers
  • Strategies to attract, maintain, and retain customers
  • Customer demographic, behavioural, psychographic and transactional data


Panel Discussion: User generated content – a creative, cost-effective and rewarding way to enhance a variety of channels

  • Creating a powerful UGC strategy by focusing on value, relevance and consistency to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action
  • Tapping into influencers to not only drive awareness but inspire an entire online community
  • Collecting, managing and curating UGC and monitoring engagement


Networking Break


Digital innovation lab 1: Storytelling to create engagement across digital channels

In this Content Marketing Masterclass we will explore what makes great content for storytelling – how you can tailor content for different platforms using a variety of mediums and how to increase audience engagement and maintain loyalty. Our industry experts will be on hand to help the creative process. The findings of each group will be shared at the end of the session and will be followed by a panel discussion drawing lessons from the presentations.


Digital innovation lab 2: SEO Masterclass: tools to optimise your site performance

In this SEO Masterclass the audience will be divided into groups to develop an effective SEO strategy, looking at the latest tools to optimise your own site performance and discussing all the essentials needed to increase website traffic, and grow your customer base. The session will kick off with an introductory presentation, including outline of the task, followed by group work and feedback, and will be closing with a panel discussion by our industry experts drawing lessons from the presentations.


Networking Lunch


Breakout panel discussion 1: Display advertising: Optimising conversions via remarketing

  • Frequency caps – how to avoid banner blindness
  • Burn pixels or how not preach to the converted
  • Demographic, Geographic, & Contextual Targeting
  • The 24-hour view-through conversion window and the valuable data around the stickiness of your ads


Breakout panel discussion 2: Audience building: language, regions, culture and search types

  • Brand cross-cultural competency
  • Regulations and product laws
  • Customise Search Engine Marketing (SEM) based on local usage: how to choose native keywords, localise your content and choose the right search engines
  • Adapt social media for different languages
  • Optimising site design: colours, symbols, loading speed and use of text


Networking Break


Personalisation and a better customer experience (CX) – the holy grail for e-commerce businesses?

  • Discussing the latest data-driven technologies that help making the most of behavioural targeting
  • WeChat, Whatsapp, Messenger – tips on making live-chat go the extra mile for your business
  • Addressing privacy concerns of more effective digital advertising


Marketing and customer insights to drive a more effective strategy

  • How can customer insight help achieve the goals of the business strategy?
  • Make smarter, faster, and more informed decisions before anyone else using predictive intelligence
  • Making sense of social data – find, understand and engage the audience that matters for your business


Glimpses of the future – how latest technologies and a connected workforce are revolutionising global consumer behaviours

  • Discussing changes in people’s interactions with products, services and environments and how these will transform consumption of everyday products and experiences
  • Looking at latest technologies like VR, AR, chatbots, interactive video, 360 etc. and the impact of these on everything else
  • Reacting to consumers’ on demand lifestyles and what brands need to do to keep up with today’s ‘I want it now’ attitude


Close of Conference