Day 1

29 February 2016


The Content Marketing Institute recently updated its definition of content marketing to: “A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and ultimately to drive profitable customer action.” Good quality content, distributed effectively across digital and social channels, can improve customer relationships, boost engagement and raise brand awareness. However, as the importance of content marketing increases so does the need to evaluate its value. In these sessions we will look at how best to create, curate and distribute content to meet marketing goals. We also investigate what brand’s approaches should be to content marketing in terms of setting goals and measuring its effectiveness: Does content have a ROI? And if so how can this be measured and analysed?


Digital Commerce: Food Consumerism in the Age of the Millennials

  • Exploring how technology has changed consumers expectations and behaviours
  • What new innovations are we seeing in the food industry to harness the impacts of these changes?
  • Expectations for the future in this rapidly changing marketplace


How the Digital Command Center helps foster a customer-obsessed culture

The digital world your company now operates in requires a radically different corporate culture — one that’s obsessed with improving the customer experience and encouraging a more open, collaborative approach to innovation. That’s the only way you’ll be able to keep pace with rapidly changing customer expectations and behaviours. But how do you create this culture? What sparks teams and their leaders to change the way they innovate and develop a culture to deliver growth by improving the customer experience?


Visual storytelling to create engagement across digital channels

  • Benefits of well used visual storytelling as part of your content marketing plan
  • Creating content that goes beyond aesthetics to deliver a lasting experience
  • Humanising your brand through visuals
  • Shaping a media strategy around the content for maximum impact
  • Creating share-worthy stories that align with company goals

Day 2

1 March 2016


Keynote: Integrated marketing in a digital world

  • Developing an integrated approach
  • Data analytics for real customer insight
  • Driving customer engagement through multiple media
  • Continuing relationships through CRM and brand advocacy


Panel Discussion: The art of storytelling: Content Marketing Masterclass

  • Defining the aims for content marketing
  • What makes great content for marketing storytelling?
  • Tailoring content for different platforms and audiences
  • Impacts of images, video and text
  • Getting content to flow across different channels, and how the different parts work together


Leveraging Causes / Social Good for Content and Partnerships

  • Creating content that moves audiences
  • Trends driving nonprofit digital strategy in 2016
  • How to work with nonprofits and social good organizations
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