Day 1

29 February 2016


“Digital marketing leaders know that the experience they deliver to customers is as important as the product or service they sell. Differentiate the way you connect with customers and prospects to keep them interested, engaged and loyal.” Gartner Creating a meaningful customer experience (CX) is a crucial area of responsibility for CMOs. Thinking about how your brand interacts with your audience, individually and across cultures and communities, and the story it tells. In these sessions we explore how you can leverage digital to manage and optimise your CX to drive competitive advantage.


Keynote: Surviving and thriving digital disruption

  • What strategic questions should you be asking your organisation?
  • How big data and contextual computing influence digital marketers
  • What’s the return on the spend or are you investing for the fear of missing out?



  • Building success through analytics-driven strategies
  • Understanding the digital customer journey and experience
  • Targeting areas for improvement and testing for future success
  • Companies with an inspiring omnichannel experience


Closing panel: Data driven marketing for personalisation and targeting

  • Taking the concept of effective direct marketing into the digital sphere
  • To what extent can added personalisation add value to a digital marketing campaign?
  • Assessing the effectiveness of options that exist across social platforms to tailor executions
  • Programmatic advertising to optimise targeting across multiple platforms
  • Issues of automation – potential pitfalls and things to consider

Day 2

1 March 2016


Digital channels as catalyst for Customer Experience transformation

  • Leading digital transformation for the future of customer experience
  • Understanding the technology and prioritising it’s investment and application
  • Assessing business strategy against technical capabilities and how this changes how to operate and generate revenue
  • Impact on customer loyalty and how this translates to the bottom line


Digital Innovation Lab 1: Digital Customer Experience Masterclass

In this Digital Customer Experience Masterclass we explore how to differentiate the way your brand connects with customers and prospects to keep them interested, engaged and loyal. Our industry experts will be on hand to help the creative process. The findings of each group will be shared at the end of the session and will be followed by a panel discussion drawing lessons from the presentations.

This Digital Innovation Lab is running at the same time as the ‘Crisis Control’ Innovation Lab. Delegates will have the opportunity to choose and attend one.

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