3 Employee Generated Videos Your Brand Needs

September 2, 2019


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Employee generated video is a form of marketing content that incorporates video footage shot by real employees at a company.

Since everyone is now armed with a smartphone that has the ability to shoot high definition mobile video , it’s easier than ever for businesses to collaborate on video marketing content with their real community.

Employee generated video ends up being more candid and authentic than a standard, scripted, talking-head video. Plus, since they’re filmed by their colleagues (rather than a giant film crew), everyone is much more at ease and comfortable in front of the camera.

Here are 3 types of employee generated videos every business should be producing.

1. Company Culture Videos

What better way to show off your actual company culture than with videos featuring AND shot by your actual employees?

Have you team share short sound bites explaining their favorite perks of working at your office or what they value the most about the company.

To produce a series of videos, ask your team to regularly shoot video clips of team members working together, special employee activities, company outings or office antics to collect a larger amount of footage that you can later get edited into upbeat montages perfect for sharing on LinkedIn once a month.

nib: The Check Up // Borneo Coast to Coast from EditMate on Vimeo.

nib shared their epic company adventure with a video featuring candid footage shot by and featuring their own employees.

2. Recruiting Videos

Let your prospective employees hear straight from your current employees!

Your team can share what they love working at the company and why others should be eager to apply to open positions.

Hearing real people talk about their real jobs will be way more effective way of reaching your ideal candidate then a generic LinkedIn job posting.

UNICEF NZ: Recruitment from EditMate on Vimeo.

UNICEF collected video clips from their street teams located in multiple cities to recruit new hires with a fun, authentic video.

3. Training Videos

It can be hard to get everyone on the same page when it comes to learning new products or processes. This gets even harder when you have employees working from different locations or even remotely from their homes.

When you need a consistent message is shared far and wide, use video… and if you need it done quickly and affordably: use mobile video.

• Need to get everyone acquainted with a new product? Have someone on the sales team film a video introducing it and listing the benefits.

• Have a new tool everyone needs to know how to use? Have someone who actually worked on creating the tool shoot a short tutorial video explaining the basics.

We can guarantee everyone on your team is more likely to sit back and watch a casual video rather than read a long winded email. In fact, Videos are 12 times more likely to be watched than text is to be read!

nib: How It Should Be from EditMate on Vimeo.

nib filmed a quick tutorial explaining how their new app worked and EditMate ’s editing service added voiceover and graphics to create a polished, professional video.

Employee generated video is not only quicker and more affordable than hiring an agency for a shoot, but it’s also an effective way to activate your team while creating powerful and authentic videos.

So how does a marketing or internal communications team get started creating employee generated videos?

EditMate’s software enables businesses to crowdsource video clips with a mobile video uploader and then connects them with a professional editor to turn that raw footage into a polished, on-brand video. The whole process is managed in an easy to use Dashboard and all footage is securely stored in the cloud.

Whether it’s for social media marketing or internal communications, businesses use EditMate to empower their own teams to tell their brand story, share their company culture and even recruit new employees in a candid and engaging way. It’s a smart, technology-driven way to produce a
high volume of video.

Campaigns that feature real employees can be a real game changer for your video marketing and internal communications plan. Get started today!

EditMate is a video curation software and service. Businesses around the world use EditMate’s technology to produce authentic videos with their real community. Learn more or schedule a demo at editmate.co