5 Reasons You Need Social Intelligence

By: Hannah Pinchbeck

August 22, 2019


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Social intelligence is the term for how your organization uses valuable data to make informed decisions around your industry, your competition, and your campaigns. Talkwalker recently partnered with the Social Intelligence Lab to create The State Of Social Intelligence Report to find out how marketers use social intelligence to achieve their goals.

Here are 5 key takeaways:

1 Unique Data

Social listening sources conversations from hundreds of millions of public websites, across dozens or even hundreds of languages. It pulls conversations from social media, blogs, fora, even sources like radio and TV! While radio and TV are huge media with millions of ears and eyeballs, the conversation only goes one way. They are sources of information that people consume, not contribute to.

On social, you are looking at a conversation between two or more people. Not celebrities, personalities, or people with a “team”. Real people. Talking about real issues that affect them. That includes talking about your brand, and how it affects them. These are conversations that your brand needs to be informed about and involved in.

There’s no better, or quicker way to source this kind of research. Analyzing the data is as simple as filtering out the noise that’s irrelevant to you and drilling down into the topic areas that matter.  

2 Invest or Fall Behind

Social listening is a new industry, and organizations are still figuring out how best to deploy their resources in this field in order to drive the biggest impact. But 2 out of 3 organizations say they plan to devote more resources to the field in the coming years.

If you haven’t started yet, it’s not too late to catch up. Nearly half of organizations will invest in more people, which shows that even robust teams know they need more minds to get more done.

3 Use Cases for Social Listening

While 81% of organizations using social intelligence to inform their social media strategies should surprise no one, the next most common use case might. 77% of respondents use social listening as market research because of its’ quick insights, it’s easy to set up, and the broad range of topics you can query.

That niche obsession your brand thinks might be a winner, if you could just get some feedback from real people? Social listening. The trending topic your competitor hopped on before you even woke up in the morning? Social listening. That campaign that hit it out of the park with the wacky tagline and weird visuals? They didn’t pull it out of thin air.

4 Quick And Easy

The industry finds that the tools they have available are helpful and easy to use when it comes to converting data to insights. Clean and accurate data is essential, but in the Twitter age, speed is too.

Being able to convert data into insight into action in seconds is a reflection of how powerful social listening tools are. It’s the second step, going from insight to action, where brands stumble. Often the first to react is the one who gets the likes. Social listening gives you confidence in your data so that deploying it for results, and quickly, is a natural next step. That helps to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

5 Don’t Believe, Achieve

It’s human nature to trust our gut, a preternatural instinct hardwired into our bodies as a survival method and evolutionary tactic. But, actually, branding doesn’t work like that at all.

Social listening is about meeting your customers where they are. It’s about, of course, listening. And making informed decisions based on data. That data is at your fingertips in a way like never before. You don’t need to believe the campaign is going to flop, you can look at similar ideas and demonstrate how they ended in mockery. You needn’t worry that this copy won’t resonate with your following, or a problem with that product could blow up into a nationwide crisis.

Social listening is your survival tool and data is your organization’s evolutionary tactic.

Ready to be a social intelligence wizard? Get in touch now.

Social intelligence is evolving to get smarter and more robust. If you’d like a demo about what social intelligence can do for your brand or to get a more complete understanding of social intelligence as a whole, please visit us at Exhibitor Booth 46 at DMWF NYC on September 11th and 12th. We hope to see you there!

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