5 Steps to Creating Ads People Love

By: SocialFix

January 24, 2020


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Tech and trends are changing today faster than the seasons, and with more competition out there than ever before, it’s vital to create marketing content that grabs and resonates with consumers. 

Since consumers don’t generally like ads, businesses want to produce as many high like- and share-ability ads as they can. They must create feasts of authentic, slap-yo-face content that grabs, prompts, and fuels consumer intrigue for more and more. Use these tips to reach your target audience and boost conversions, creating ads people actually love.

1. Embrace Personality

Some companies have more in-depth brand guidelines than others. Within the guidelines includes boilerplate marketing language that marks the personality of the brand. Although this can change over time, establishing the personality of your brand is essential for building brand loyalty. 

Just what is it? Brand personality should synthesize the founder’s vision and goals, the target audience’s lifestyles, and jive within its platform setting—where the first two components fit within the entertainment culture of users, albeit in a YouTube ad clip or tailored Instagram ad. Brand personality is a crucial ice breaker and leaves the ball in the consumers’ court: it’s the start of a conversation that prompts a response from consumers. 

2. Personalize It

The more personalized the ad, the less annoying it will seem to consumers. All hail tailored ads: they keep consumers engaged and potentially satisfy a desire established from consumer behavior. In short, they don’t seem to be an entire waste of mental bandwidth. Marketers should certainly leverage them as much as they can on platforms where their targets spend a lot of screen time. 

Another fun and easy way to personalize content is through geofilters. Sometimes referred to as non-ads, they can be a tricked-out way to make advertising funner, and they’re loved from all walks of consumer life. An obvious example would be adding cat ears and nose to an actor selling your company’s cat food. By customizing lenses and filters to match and rep your brand, you can even add your logo, mascot, or spokesperson to a social ad. Even better would be creating those filters and lenses so users can add them in their own posts. 

3. Get Creative

Not all marketers are creatively equal. Perhaps the best way to boost creativity is by staying up with the news and trends, synthesizing some info, then putting your personal touch on the ad and campaign. But don’t stop there. Through some social media research, finding out what your audience members like and dislike unlocks a wealth of consumer data that can be used to engage them with ads that tailor creatively to their wants, needs, inclinations, and idiosyncrasies.   

4. Include Video

Video content marketing has gone way past the fad point. Consider the stats. Product videos can increase purchases by 144%, just under 50% of consumers watch a product video before visiting a store, and 4 out of 5 consumers think demo videos are useful, according to HubSpot. When 43% of people hope to see more video content from marketers, you simply got to give the people what they want!   

5. Make it Evergreen

The best content is the authentic kind that businesses and people can use and refer back to over and over again. A portion of your content should have a long serviceable shelf-life. It’s good for SEO and it’s good for your brand. If you don’t forget your CTA (ahem), you have the actionable marketing content that builds brand loyalty. 

There’s nothing like a bad ad to cause diversion, but there’s nothing like a good ad for conversion. Marketing content should overall be authentic. That means it’s a good representation of brand personality, it’s consumer-personalized, creative, and includes video and evergreen content that users will use, like, share, and maybe even love throughout the rapidly changing marketing seasons.  

About the author: Terry Tateossian is the Founding Partner of Socialfix Media, a multi-award-winning digital marketing agency focused on emerging technology and media working with companies in launching innovative products and gaining market share. She is also the founder of Amplified3, a complete marketing agency management suite for smart digital asset management, asset distribution, and team training. Tateossian is also an MIT Blockchain Technology and AI certified expert, thought leader, entrepreneur, podcast host and speaker. She’s a board member and advisor for several transformational start-ups and has earned multiple recognitions for innovations and leadership in technology, media, and marketing. Recent awards include recognition from Forbes Magazine as WPO 50 Fastest Growing Women-Owned/Led Companies, NJBIZ Top 40 Under 40, Future 50 Fastest Growing companies in NJ/NY by SmartCEO Magazine, Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneurs.