A Marketer’s Guide to Creating Content That Gen Zers Love

By: Hannah Pinchbeck

August 20, 2019


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Gen Z has been the talk of the town in the marketing world in recent years. Not only are Gen Zers important players in setting trends and directing purchase decisions, but they also have a spending power of $143 billion, providing a huge opportunity for brands.

But don’t be fooled — Gen Zers are very particular about the brands they shop from. As the largest, most diverse group in history, Gen Zers care deeply about authenticity and inclusivity, meaning the “one-size-fits-all” model won’t be successful. So, how do you create personalized content that resonates with every type of Gen Zer?

Today, we’ll walk through four simple steps.

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1. Segment your audience accordingly

After doing research on your audience, group them into segments and target each subdivision individually. Utilize different content, message, and channels for each segment depending on their age, interests, location, and any other factors that are relevant for your campaign.

Consumers will resonate better with the tailored content, allowing you to bring in and retain high-quality customers, as well as increase your brand affinity across multiple segments.

2. Adopt a human-centered strategy

82% of Gen Zers are more likely to purchase from a company that provides relevant and consistent content. Meaning Gen Zers value brands that go the extra mile to provide quality content.

Paired with the fact that they are a cause-driven bunch that love to support brands that back issues they care about, it’s extremely important to serve up content that sparks an emotional response. This will make your brand more relatable, which is why this type of content sees a huge boost of engagement on social media.

3. Tailor your content to each marketing channel

While it’s extremely important to have a strong social media presence when targeting Gen Z, it’s often forgotten that each platform serves a different purpose. For instance, Gen Zers use YouTube for shopping recommendations and how-to videos, and Snapchat for keeping up with their friends. Each social network also has a different user base. Gen Zers also love Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube — a differentiation from millennials who still actively use Facebook.

The best way to reach Gen Z is to understand why they use each platform, then source content in a format that feels natural to each platform. That way, the content will fit seamlessly into users’ feeds, increasing the likelihood that Gen Zers engage with, share, and trust your brand’s message.

4. Work with influencers to generate unlimited content

To truly personalize content that resonates with every kind of Gen Zer, you’d need to produce thousands of images with hundreds of diverse models posing in lots of different locations. Of course, it’s extremely difficult to create such large amounts of content without going over budget or missing deadlines.

That’s why many brands are turning to influencer-generated content (IGC) as a quick, scalable, and cost-effective solution.

Influencers are social media savvy content creators who produce high-quality content on the daily. They’re expert photographers, videographers, editors, and storytellers, who can help your brand share your message in an engaging way. Acting as a one-person creative team, they can roll out high-quality content in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

Look for influencers who create high-quality, on-brand content and consistently hit high engagement rates across their social channels. Most importantly, be sure to work with influencers who align well with your audience. Then, send over collaboration terms and visual guidelines to ensure that you’re on the same page about what kind of content you expect.

Personalize your content from A to Gen Z

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