Martech Advisor

MarTech Advisor is the world’s leading and dedicated source of unbiased research, news, and expert commentary relating to the explosive marketing technology landscape.

Over the past few years the union of technology & marketing has created software products and platforms that are redefining the way in which modern marketers go about their jobs.

Every ambitious B2B marketing enterprise is always exploring ways to reach more customers, show them how your capabilities align with their strategies, demonstrate that your services stand out from the pack, and make every dollar you invest carry its weight.

Much of this, of course, you’re going to do with technology. (We’re living in the twenty-first century, right?) So how do you keep up with the technology, which revolutionizes itself every few months or so? The last time we looked, there were close to two thousand technology products and services, that we have categorized according to the functional areas of marketing experiences, marketing operations, middleware, backbone platforms, infrastructure, and the internet marketing environment.

In such a rapidly evolving market, it’s easy to get confused. There are more options than ever before in every category, and even if each one of them were terrific technology, you need to identify the ones that offer the most promise for your specific needs & objectives. The good news is all those options and all that rapid evolution means that the technology solutions for your business are out there, and getting better all the time.

Our focus at MarTech Advisor is to help you, the sales & marketing professional, to stay on top of the multitude of rapidly evolving marketing software products and ensure that you are able to compare, research and continuously select the right products and platforms for your needs.