Women in Marketing (CIC)

Women in Marketing (WiM) CIC is a global community of professionals created to inspire, educate, connect and recognise women through the cycle of their lives.  WiM takes a holistic approach to the education and wellbeing of women through collaborations and partnerships with organisations that complement our work.

WiM was created in 2004 in the UK, out of a need for women in the marketing, advertising and communications professions to be recognised, celebrated and empowered to fulfil their potential. The first WiM event coincided with International Women’s Day and focused on Work-Life Balance. Since then, the annual WiM events have grown and tackled topics such as ethical marketing, branding,Womennomics ,Health&Wellness and diversity in marketing, with the purpose of provoking discussion and inspiring women across the sectors and the wider business community.

The popularity of the events led to the introduction of the Women in Marketing Awards in 2010; celebrating the achievements of women and more recently male equality advocates in the industry,The Women in Marketing Awards have grown from being UK centric to being a global accolade. Past WiM Award winners have included senior executives from leading brands which include HP, Burberry, Google,WPP, Unilever, SAP and Barclays,2020 marks the ten year anniversary of WIMAwardsGlobal

Discover more about Women in Marketing (CIC) and take the opportunity to aim for the stars by entering this year’s WiMGlobal Awards at www.womeninmarketing.org.uk