Matt Willmott has experience developing growth strategies for SaaS companies spanning multiple industries and countries. Starting his career in Marketing, Matt realised the front end of marketing was broken, struggling to gather a complete overview of who their clients and prospects were, what they were saying across a variety of mediums, and how to reward those loyal to their brand. When the opportunity came along to join Falcon.io in a mission to fix these issues for other organisations, it was a clear choice and Matt joined Falcon’s HQ in Copenhagen, Denmark.

As the growth of clients in the Asia Pacific increased drastically over the next two years, Matt moved back to his hometown of Melbourne to open Falcon’s first APAC office. Today as Head of APAC, Matt helps his team assist organisations to realise the potential of an all in one social media management tool to not only identify who is talking to them via media monitoring and community management, but take decisive action and retarget those with specific messaging.