Philip Sim worked for almost 24 years in various government ministries, including the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Health. He has also worked for the largest Non-Government Organisation in Singapore, the National Trade Union Congress. He also spent four years in education.

Philip had the opportunity to work in an eclectic mixture of areas. Amongst these are:

  • Organisation branding
  • Reputation management
  • Digital communications
  • Online community building
  • Risk assessment and Horizon Scanning
  • Crisis Communications

As a result of Philip’s previous experiences, he believed that communicating in the complex communications environment of today requires an integrated approach. This includes not only the skillful management of traditional media that can help amplify one’s messages, but also the effective use of online media to deliver one’s narratives through artful storytelling. In addition, he emphasized the importance of out-of-home campaigns and effective community building are important aspects of protecting one’s reputation, two aspects of communicating that are often neglected or misunderstood. Only by bringing together all these different aspects in a well thought-out package, could an organization hope to do well in today’s often contentious media environment.