Rena is bilingual communicator with more than 25 years’ marketing experience, including a proven track record in product and business development, licensing and merchandising, TV and radio production, advertising, events management, branding strategy, digital marketing, content development, as well as managing public relations and communications projects on a regional scale.

She has often been described as a creative and passionate marketing and branding advocate, with strong business partnering skills and experience in translating aspirational ideas into concrete plans leading to solid returns.

Rena sees herself as martecheter and futurist, constantly seeking out new solutions to solve existing problems and achieve desired outcomes. She draws inspiration from the world of possibilities and embraces that the best way to grow is to test, fail and learn.

Her best asset is in building and leading teams and developing them into high potentials – dynamic marketers with strong commercial acumen and innovative flair. In Aug 2016, Rena led the marketing team to win the Best Back Office Team in the 2016 Recruitment International Asia Awards, and the Best Use of Social Media award at the Global Recruiter Awards in 2016.  Most recently, the team snagged the Best Recruitment Agency Marketing Team (Singapore) award at the 2020 Global Banking and Finance Awards.