Varian Ignatius is a corporate communications professional with a personal mission; help business leaders discover the power of effective communications.

For over 19 years, he’s coached CEO’s and senior executives on what to say and how to say it. He believes that communications, at its core, should inspire and rally people to action. From oil and gas, financial services, hospitality to consumer brand marketing, Varian has a multi-faceted market outlook and never takes anything at face value.

His desire to research any topic he’s working on, a strong commitment to his craft and an attitude towards continuous learning has allowed him to help the companies and clients he’s worked with to achieve success.

In his current role, Varian heads up Communications for PETRONAS’ digital transformation office. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Auckland University of Technology and an MA in International Policy and Diplomacy from Staffordshire University.

Outside of work, Varian is an avid reader and occupies his time producing content on his YouTube channel, the Varian Ignatius Project.