Vaughan Ryan currently serves as the General Manager for NielsenIQ’s global ecommerce business, focused on sales acceleration and integration of the ecommerce portfolio.

Prior to this he was the Managing Director for NielsenIQ’s ecommerce business in Asia Pacific.

Vaughan, a seasoned ecommerce and omni-shopping expert specializing in FMCG, is recognized for his adeptness in devising impactful go-to-market strategies for manufacturers and retailers. Armed with a deep understanding of the consumer journey, he strategically manoeuvres through e-commerce, brick-and-mortar retail, and the omni-consumer landscape.

Specializing in various sectors such as Online Retailing, FMCG, the Liquor Industry, Finance, P&L, Consultancy, Consumer Research, Market Research, Learning and Development, Recruitment, and Team Management, with a wealth of experience spanning Asia Pacific, Europe, and the US, Vaughan is dedicated to establishing partnerships that propel companies to success in both offline and online domains while driving innovation and growth in the digital realm.

Vaughan also holds a Masters of International Business from Swinburne University, along with a Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies from Victoria University, both in Melbourne Australia.