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Today, consumers expect relevant and personal shopping experiences tailored to their tastes and in the formats they prefer. Especially in the wake of COVID-19, businesses large and small are facing pressure to be experts in the latest and greatest sophisticated tools and technology to deliver on the customer experience, from data analysis and creative production to customer service.

To keep pace with this increasingly innovative and technical world requires a wide range of specialized knowledge and skills – it no longer makes sense for commerce businesses to try to build, know and do everything themselves. This is where the power of partnerships comes in.

In this presentation, Facebook’s Nadia tan, Director, APAC Partnerships Management and Business Development, will discuss how brands built for the future are creating customer-centric experiences and driving demand through marketing partners. We’ll cover:

  • How Facebook partners are helping businesses shift their commerce businesses online.
  • What today’s businesses need to know about the evolving ads ecosystem and signal loss, including how offline, online and in-app signal data can help them understand the ways customers are interacting with their brands.
  • How Facebook’s engineering technology and partner solutions enable signal solutions for advertisers, and help commerce businesses build for tomorrow.

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Nadia Tan

Director of Marketing Partnerships


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09:00AM - Day 1

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