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Well-known brands (BMW, Walmart, Marriot, etc) have been successful in the era from the flow of capital. Newcomers Uber, Amazon, Airbnb thrive in the era from the flow of information; an internet age of information. Moving forward to 2020, AI+IoT+Blockchain will bring in the new Internet age of value; transforming the organisation from business intelligence to intelligent business.

How do you get ready:

  1. Learn from Philip Kotler of mind-changing marketing 4.0 and Alibaba’s Chief Strategist new era of Smart Business
  2. Create a new world of marketing automation platform with 5,000 personas; with case study China PinAn (world largest fintech of >380,000 staff go digitisation)

Innovate with AI, Live Broadcast, etc and making sense of new digital media with case study Luckin, Intime cosmetic promoters on the live broadcast, etc.

Associated Speakers:

David Lee

, Head of Digital Commerce and Member of International eCommerce Standard Working Committee

SIRS Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (NYP)

Associated Talks:

09:00AM - Day 1

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