#DMWF Europe 2019: Interview with Annemarie Joosen, CMO at Marktplaats

By: Hannah Pinchbeck

November 14, 2019


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Annemarie Joosen joined Marktplaats in 2014 after having served in various marketing positions at Staatsloterij, Madurodam, Bol.com. She is passionate about building strong brands and teams that spark opportunities for customers, employees and business. The combination of data driven creativity and professionalization of the marketing team has lead to more impact and business results. Since 2016 Annemarie is part of the Benelux management team and responsible for the customer service and marketing activities for both Marktplaats and 2dehands. In her current role Annemarie focuses on evolving the brand strategy, improving the marketing effectiveness and the ongoing transformation of a customer-oriented organizational culture.

Ahead of #DMWF Europe we caught up with Annemarie, to find out her thoughts on the digital marketing landscape, what she thinks us marketers should be looking out for in the future and what she’s most looking forward to seeing at #DMWF Europe on 25 – 26 November!

Hi Annemarie, thank you for taking the time to speak with us! We’re super excited to see you hosting your session in Amsterdam!

We’re going to jump straight in with a big question; What digital marketing trend has impacted your campaigns the most in 2019?

Two pieces of research showed upcoming trends to me that impacted our campaigns the most in 2019.

The research of Professor Kai D. Wright, Follow the Feeling showing how to build a strong brand by developing cues such as visual stimuli, sound, experience and culture to increase the mental availability of the brand.
And the study Effectiveness in Context from Binet and Field explaining how you have to balance long term brand building with short term sales activation to increase the mental availability of you brand and grow market share.

Another big one, looking to the future of marketing; how do you feel digital marketing will change in the next 5/10 years?

Our ability to translate data and understanding of the human brain into deep insights. Understanding a mix of behavioural data and motivational data will enable you to serve customers even better.

What is the next BIG thing for 2020 that marketers should be preparing for now?

Traditionally Marketeers are focused on changing behavior, over the last few years we focused on understanding existing behaviour and adapt our marketing mechanism to influence behaviour.
Now technology enables us to understand emotion better and better. So marketeers no longer have to predict behaviour but actually understand the emotional decision making that lead to behaviour.  
With these tools, we can develop more effective ways of reaching people and providing them with a better experience.

What can our community learn from you at your session/panel at DMWF Europe?

• How decision making is influenced by biases, feelings and emotions

• Follow the emotional decision making process to create strong brands

• Practical examples how to apply insights to create customer focused culture

Who else on our DMWF Europe speaker line up are you looking forward to learning from?

• Sonic Branding: The Use of Sound to Reinforce your Brand Identity from Marene Arnold

• How Data Inspired Marketing can Humanize your Brand by Joost Geurtsen

Both can help you follow the feeling to build strong brands

Like a prize boxer, you are the undisputed heavyweight in your field. If you had a walk-in song, what would it be?

Justin Timberlake – Can’t stop the feeling

Thank you Annemarie! We look forward to seeing you for #DMWF on 25 – 26 November in Amsterdam!

Annemarie will be hosting the session, ‘Understand the Brain to Build a Strong Brand Experience and Culture’ within the Data & Disruptive Tech Track at #DMWF Europe on 25 – 26 November at the Elicium Centre, Rai, Amsterdam!

To see our full agenda and book tickets please visit our website.