#DMWF Europe 2019: Interview with Ine Autzen, Marketing Manager at Vibbo

By: Hannah Pinchbeck

November 20, 2019


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Ine Autzen works as Marketing Manager for the Norwegian tech-startup VIBBIO – the video creation software for businesses. With a passion for digital marketing, visual storytelling and social media, Ine has helped grow the business to what it is today. Ine has a degree in Marketing Communications and has in a short time gained a lot of experience in digital marketing, video production and event planning, both in Norway and in New York.

Ahead of #DMWF Europe we caught up with Ine, to find out her thoughts on the digital marketing landscape, what she thinks us marketers should be looking out for in the future and what she’s most looking forward to seeing at #DMWF Europe on 25 – 26 November!

Hi Ine, thank you for taking the time to speak with us! We’re super excited to see your session in Amsterdam!

With the end of the year approaching it is great time to reflect on 2019! What digital marketing trend has impacted your campaigns the most in 2019?

Creating video content is one of the trends we have utilized the most this year. We are in the B2B market and we see that quality video content is performing well, whether this is aimed to get leads into a funnel or just to build our brand, video is the clear winner for us.

So, for next year, what is the next BIG thing for 2020 that marketers should be preparing for now?

I think marketers should be setting themselves up with the right tools so that they can easily follow through on their marketing plans and meet their goals. We have so many great tools available to us, so let’s take advantage of this and find what you need to be able to be flexible and create the content your market is asking for. 

How do you feel digital marketing will change in the next 5/10 years?

It is difficult to predict how digital marketing will change, I can of course mention the rise of personalization in marketing and more company’s using VR and AR to create better customer journeys. But I think the way we take in information and communicate is constantly changing as technology and the way we use technology changes. The most important thing is to listen to your market and follow them as they change. Don’t fall behind because you are apprehensive about changing your companies usual marketing strategies.

Now, we’re really looking forward to hearing more from you at the show. As a bit of a teaser, what can our community learn from you at your session at DMWF Europe?

In my talk I’ll be talking about how to implement video in you marketing and brand strategy. I will focus on how the way we take in information has changed, and how we communicate as marketers needs to follow these trends, and how to do this by easily implementing video into each step of you marketing strategy to build a strong brand.

Who else on our DMWF Europe speaker line up are you looking forward to learning from?

This might be considered a cop out, but there are many talks that look really interesting, so it’s difficult to choose just one. I will definitely be attending multiple talks and also some of the panels!

Like a prize boxer, you are the undisputed heavyweight in your field. If you had a walk-in song, what would it be?

So many songs to choose from, I would probably go for I’m still standing with Elton John🤷🏼‍♀️🕺🏼

Thank you Ine! We look forward to seeing you for #DMWF on 25 – 26 November in Amsterdam!

Ine Autzen will be hosting the session, ‘Moments Matter – Communication in the Overload Era’ within the Content & Digital Brand Strategy track on day 1 at #DMWF Europe on 25 – 26 November at the Elicium Centre, Rai, Amsterdam!

To see our full agenda and book tickets please visit our website.

Vibbio are Gold Sponsors at #DMWF Europe 2019.

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