#DMWF Europe 2019: Interview with Joris Garritsen at MediaCom

By: Hannah Pinchbeck

October 24, 2019


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Joris Garritsen is proudly leading the Digital & Innovation department of MediaCom NL. He is an experienced (digital) strategist who tends to have a positive-critical way of looking at things. Helping clients like Volkswagen, IKEA and Specsavers to improve their (digital) endeavors.

With a love for the new and different and believer that it’s key to translate abstract thinking into practical solutions. His ideal state regarding innovation is best described as excited discomfort and enters the office with motte: ‘Strive for serving a higher bar tomorrow than today, every day’. MediaCom is a global leading media agency, strategizing, planning and buying media for a wide range of top level brands.

We were able to catch up with Joris ahead of #DMWF Europe to find out his thoughts on the digital marketing landscape, what us marketeers should be looking out for in the future and what he is most looking forward to seeing at #DMWF Europe on 25 – 26 November!

Hi Joris, thank you for taking the time to speak with us! We’re super excited to see you hosting your session in Amsterdam!

We’re going to jump straight in with a big question; What digital marketing trend has impacted your campaigns the most in 2019?

That of Custom DSP Algorithms. Creating brand customized bidding rules in ad-technology through machine learning has increased ROI with 15-40%. Just take a second to think about it, this is massive. The fact that technology can create impact on such a big scale fascinates me.

Another big one, looking to the future of marketing; how do you feel digital marketing will change in the next 5/10 year?

Haha, well…for starters I think it is extremely difficult to look ahead much further than 5 years. Simply because there is so much happening of which it’s virtually impossible to predict impact of. Take 5G internet for example. It relates to Henry Fords famous quote about people saying ’they wanted a faster horse’ if they would have asked them when he was developing the first car.

We will, without a doubt, see more and more automation and customization of technology on specific brand’s needs. I see a bright future for those with the ability to ‘Translate’.  ‘Translators’ being people who master the process of transforming technical knowledge into real-world use-cases and vice versa acknowledge business opportunities that can be solved by tech.

The (online) marketing space, shopping behavior and media consumption will keep on changing rapidly due to technological forces. Growth in Digital Marketing in tomorrow’s world will come from agility. Learning to change and adapt business (partly).

To conclude with my personal hope, something I fight for everyday and truly believe in. It is my firm believe that we have as an industry have an massive opportunity to transform the digital media space: from screen pollution to screen experience. To put it simply: less ads with more visual attractiveness and interaction, for which brands will pay a higher price. With less pollution and fewer messages, the attention and effects of media will increase, which compensates for the higher prices. A win-win-win.

What is the BIG next thing for 2020 that marketers should be preparing for now?

If it’s not yet incorporated, I would focus on the ability to change and apply agility. Depending on industry, brand and your own maturity level it varies what development will grow your business. Set-up for change and ability to adapt forms a structural solution. Focus on implementing and building: structures and teams to continuously focus on prioritization and execution of the new. Marketers don’t stand alone in this and agencies offer help and support in al sorts of forms.

So, what can our community learn from you at your panel at DMWF Europe?

I hope you will learn something about the ability to switch between Macro and Micro thinking. Abstractly recognizing trends, have the ability to prioritize what to focus on in terms of growth potential and being able to act upon this in execution. And if not yet known, I hope you will feel how professionalism can be combined with a big dose of fun, energy and passion for Digital Marketing.

Who else on our #DMWF Europe speaker line up are you looking forward to learning from?

Antoinette Hoes is someone who I have briefly met a long time ago (doubt she will remember this haha) and I found to be a really interesting thinker. Furthermore the job Simone van Neerven is doing at Vueling sounds interesting!

Finally, like a prize boxer, you are the undisputed heavyweight in your field. If you had a walk-in song, what would it be?

Uhh, I feel like I have to choose a hip-hop song, because that’s all I listen to. I think 50 cent – In Da Club would make a great entrance anthem, don’t you? Although Fatboy Slim’s ‘right here right now’, right from the moment the bass kicks in, would bring a load of epicness as well.

Thank you Joris! We look forward to seeing you for #DMWF on 25 – 26 November in Amsterdam!

Joris will be moderating the panel, ‘Examining Your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2019’ within the Data & Disruptive Tech Track at #DMWF Europe on 25 – 26 November at the Elicium Centre, Rai, Amsterdam!

To see our full agenda and book tickets please visit our website.