#DMWF Europe 2019: Interview with Michael Shattuck, Consulting Manager at Widen

By: Hannah Pinchbeck

November 7, 2019


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Michael Shattuck joined Widen in 2017 after a decade of leadership over global photography and marketing technology systems at New Balance. Today, he leads the Widen Consulting team and partners with marketing and creative professionals to focus on human-centered transformation projects that leverage services such as martech strategy design, change management, and process optimization. His passion is to see people thrive in all areas of life and unlock their personal and professional potential. With Widen Consulting, Michael has the rewarding opportunity to help leaders find untapped efficiency, creativity, and resourcefulness in their organizations.

Ahead of #DMWF Europe we caught up with Michael, to find out what his thoughts are on the digital marketing landscape, what he thinks us marketers should be looking out for in the future and what he’s most looking forward to seeing at #DMWF Europe on 25 – 26 November!

Hi Michael, thank you for taking the time to speak with us! We’re super excited to see you hosting your session in Amsterdam!

We’re going to jump straight in with a big question; What digital marketing trend has impacted your campaigns the most in 2019?

2019 has been replete with examples of companies going through digital transformation projects. Not only has this topic been one that we have seized as an opportunity to share Widen’s decidedly human-centric perspective with marketing and organizational leaders, but it has also been a motivator for buyers to engage us to meet an important need in their technology stack. Our platform becomes an anchor technology for teams who are looking to increase their marketing velocity by enabling more effective and efficient collaboration with content that can be easily located and activated across multiple channels.

Another big one, looking to the future of marketing; how do you feel digital marketing will change in the next 5/10 years?

I foresee greater integration between technologies like Customer Data Platforms (CDP) and Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) which will lead to the proliferation of automated customer engagement across channels. Imagine marketing teams having a more complete picture of an individual consumer’s shopping and buying habits through a CDP and being able to dynamically serve up content during the consumer’s browsing experience (online or in-store), making recommendations about similar products, learning what works and what doesn’t. We’re on the cusp of these things now! The trick for marketers will become how to avoid oversaturating their customers with emails, mobile notifications, in-app ads, etc. This will be achievable, however, through increased interaction with the customer related to their engagement and personal data preferences.

What is the next BIG thing for 2020 that marketers should be preparing for now?

I’m going to be realistic here. I think 2020 will yield even more data but not yet provide comfort for general marketers to easily analyze and incorporate findings. Data scientists are in high demand due to the vast amounts of data available today and point to the reality that much of the data is undecipherable noise to most. 2020 will yield a demand for practicality around this data and corresponding ROI against hefty data-based spends, including technology and staffing.

What can our community learn from you at your session/panel at DMWF Europe?

One major takeaway should be the necessity for transformation planning to be centered on the people in your organization. Without an intentional focus on greater communication and inclusion, we will continue to miss the marks of success in these weighty organizational projects.

Who else on our DMWF Europe speaker line up are you looking forward to learning from?

Honestly, I’m looking forward to Gavin Laugenie’s talk entitled “Data Is Sexy…Honestly, Let Me Prove It!” That’s a great title for something that is both fascinating, and yet, often quite mundane. So, I’m ready to let him prove it!

Like a prize boxer, you are the undisputed heavyweight in your field. If you had a walk-in song, what would it be?

I’m old school. That said, there is no better prize fight intro than “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor.

Thank you Michael! We look forward to seeing you for #DMWF on 25 – 26 November in Amsterdam!

Widen will be hosting the session, ‘The Porsche Problem: Turning Around Stalled Digital Transformations’ within the Data & Disruptive Tech Track at #DMWF Europe on 25 – 26 November at the Elicium Centre, Rai, Amsterdam!

To see our full agenda and book tickets please visit our website.