#DMWF Europe: Crimson Hexagon on the endless possibilities of social data for marketing

By: Hannah Pinchbeck

September 19, 2018


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There’s a galactic amount of data being produced on social media, but the ability to categorise it into meaningful information is “near impossible” without Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is the challenge that Crimson Hexagon is taking on, and a brief demo of its abilities at #DMWF by senior sales executive Yugen Moodley shows the “deep insights” platform is doing a scarily good job.

Crimson uses a combination of Natural Language Processing, image recognition and sentiment analysis, and the result for its customers is practically limitless possibilities to connect, grow and learn from their audiences in ways they may have never even considered possible.

Giving attendees a taste of these capabilities and touching on the company’s most recent developments in image recognition, Moodley explained how the platform can analyse photos shared from an event, such as a festival, to identify the prevalence of certain clothing brands. It doesn’t take a lot to imagine the immense possibilities of this, opening doors for real-time adjustment of on-site sponsorship campaigns and offers and informing future sponsorship decisions based on competitor events.

But with Moodley’s session just scratching the surface; Marketing Tech News caught Crimson Hexagon’s sales manager, EMEA & APAC, James Humphrey, for a deeper dive into what the platform can do and how it makes it possible. Read the full interview here.