#DMWF Europe: How are we really handling GDPR?

By: Mark Jones

September 19, 2018


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Like it or not, consumers are waking up to their right to privacy online. The implementation of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) was a catalyst compounded by the high-profile case of Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal.

But four months into GDPR and marketers are still struggling with complex, often ambiguous, guidelines. At the same time, a new wave of uncertainty looms over markets outside of Europe, with the United States and Brazil beginning to weigh up similar measures.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that progress with GDPR progress is on the lips of many marketers at Digital Marketing World Forum Europe (#DMWF) already today. Not least that of data privacy firm OneTrust, whose VP of sales and business development, Kevin Kiley, provided a refresher course of data privacy fundamentals.

Marketing Tech took the chance to collar Kiley post-presentation for his thoughts on just how far we’ve come with GDPR compliance, and what remain as the key challenges for companies on the path to becoming fully compliant. Read the full article here.