#DMWF New York Round-up!

Kieran Penfold
Kieran Penfold

It’s been a busy year here at #DMWF, with events spanning the globe and we were thrilled to welcome so many of you to this New York this November for two days of top level discussion about the future of digital marketing and social media.

With #DMWF New York now wrapped we wanted to compile some of ours and some of your highlights! We featured two conference streams at the event covering; digital strategy, brand recognition, ecommerce, influencer marketing, content marketing, data, analytics, personalization, automation and virtual reality.

Check out the highlights below:

Day 1

Day one, kicked off with our wonderful hosts Glen Gilmore and Oisin Lunny (the real heroes of the show) opening each track and setting the stage.

Following Glen on our social track Scott Jaworski, Director of Global Social Media at Intel gave us an insight into the importance of a brand social foot print. The session looked at brands such as Airbnb, Uber, Netflix and Intel. Scott touched upon 3 core subjects:
• Social Handle Footprints
• Content Strategies
• Governance

As a bonus treat, Scott asked the question who knows how long Intel has been in business? Do you know the answer? One lucky lady got the question correct and won a 2017 Dell computer, equipped with VR capabilities. Am I jealous? yes, yes I am.

Across the waters, Miri Rodriguez, storyteller for Microsoft was cooking up a storm. Miri spoke about going beyond content marketing and creating stories that don’t suck. Miri acknowledges that brands can tell many different stories but it is important to remember “Each brand has a unique story and mission and this is what every other story should always come back to”

Following our networking break, we were joined by Chad Parizman, Head of Social Media & Digital Communications at Pfizer. Chad shared his wisdom in expanding organic social traffic in a world of paid advertisement. Chad spoke about the importance of placing the right content in the right place and not just flooding all your social channels with the same content.

With this year’s event having a big focus on social media, it was great to be joined by 301 Digital Media and Crimson Hexagon. Both companies guided us through different elements of social media. 301 Digital Media spoke about leveraging paid social media to grow an organic audience. Whereas Crimson Hexagon spoke about how social media data, AI, and machine learning is helping brands to understand and monitor consumer preferences.

With the day drawing to a close and only a couple of sessions left. It was time to get off our ass and do something. Well this was the advice from Michele Fino. Michele’s session looked at how to get generation Z fired up to do something. The session looked at why gen Z become demotivated in following brand activity’s and actions that can be taken encourage gen Z to get involved.

Day 2

On our social track we were joined by Christine Ciccone, Head of Digital Strategy, Digital Operations at Verizon Wireless. Christine shared best practice of harnessing the power of open innovation to drive digital disruption in your organization. We also were joined by Victor Lee, Senior Vice President of Digital Marketing at Hasbro teach us about the best platforms to use for your audience and the different conversations you should be having with your audience.

On the Topic of conversations with your audience, Lithium’s VP of Social Strategy, Dave Evans gave us amazing insights into the importance of engagement and connecting this to your publishing. Dave spoke about three important actions, Connect, Engage and understand your audience.

One of the biggest areas of discussion at #DMWF New York was Influencer Marketing. With many of our speakers talking about the consumer benefits of influencer marketing. Pamela Kaupinen, Executive Director of Marketing for GQ, not only gave us insight into the methods used by GQ but also the life of a GQ insider. The session was a panel set up that featured 3 GQ insiders talking about their experience in brand partnerships and what is expected of an influencer.

The last but not least session to be mentioned in our #DMWF New York round up is about segmenting Generation Z and Millennials. Delivered by Elliot Greenfield, Global Marketing Manager at Calvin Klein Underwear. Elliot spoke about the buying behaviours of Gen Z and Millennial’s and what is expected of brands for the two segments. The session gave us an insight into the lives of the two segments and showed us what we need to be doing to reach this consumer group.

So, from us here at #DMWF we would like to say thank you to everyone for not only making New York such an amazing event, but also making 2017 a great year. We had a great time in New York and we hope you did too! We will be returning in the New Year with our 10-year anniversary event in London on April 16th-17th where we have a brand new agenda, will be joined by 80+ speakers and over 40 exhibitors: www.digitalmarketing-conference.com/global/

Look forward to seeing you there!

Written by: Kieran Penfold

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