#DMWF New York: Session Highlight – Top 10 SEO Techniques with Jasmine Sandler

By: Steve Jones

October 5, 2016


Digital Marketing - Featured -

Jasmine Sandler, a top 100 SEO specialist will be joining us at #DMWF New York on October 18th at Metropolitan West to share her unique insight into how you can increase your customer base using actionable SEO techniques.

We all know a host of companies who have tried, and failed to cheat Google. In fact, there is an entire infographic about how the likes of The Washington Post, eBay, BMW and more have tried to exploit a variety of SEO techniques to their advantage.

But there are techniques you can use to increase your ranking on Google. 

I spoke with Jasmine ahead of her session at #DMWF New York and she shared that a friend of hers recently described SEO agencies ‘scam artists’. To quote:

“All these guys seem like scam artists. It’s all high fees and terms that regular people don’t understand.”

The reality is that best practises for SEO are relatively simple:

> You create engaging content

> You do it regularly

> That content is useful to your audience

However, it’s not quite that easy – there is a science to it. One of the biggest issues surrounding the SEO industry is that many small to medium businesses do not understand the fundamental concepts, yet they know they good SEO to be higher up on the Google search engine results page.

Whilst terms such as ‘on-site optimisation’ can sound enticing, often consumers are misled by what they mean, and overcharged.

So, how is Jasmine going to combat this and help you improve your own SEO?

Join her workshop on the Top 10 Actionable SEO Techniques at #DMWF New York on October 18th to find out more! Until then, here’s a sneak peak at what you will learn about:

> Short-term site optimisation (this is the scientific part!)

> Off-page optimisation (social audiences, mapping, link-building)

> PR outreach, content development, keywords, marketing)

To find out more and book your place at this session visit: https://www.digitalmarketing-conference.com/newyork/