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DMWF Online offers a unique opportunity to market your brand to a targeted audience of over 5 million professionals. Gain significant brand exposure and promote your company as a thought leader to an audience of highly relevant world-wide professionals.

DMWF Online is the content creation and digital marketing arm of the DMWF event series. Together with our content partner, MarketingTech, for the last 4 years we have been creating whitepapers, webinars, lead generation services, brand awareness campaigns, content marketing, and thought leadership studies.


We provide integrated marketing solutions offering a suite of digital marketing services connected to our event and publishing audiences. These services include; Performance Marketing, Digital Events, Content Marketing and Advertising & Distribution.


Reach and engage with the MarketingTech and DMWF audience through our host of digital marketing opportunities. Our products are designed to generate leads, increase brand awareness and position you as an industry thought leader.

Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing

● Managed emails

● White paper or eBook syndication

● Lead generation campaigns

● White paper report writing

● Global sector report (research paper)

Digital Events

Digital Events

● Digital roundatables

● Digital panel (webinar)

● Virtual meetings

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

● Video interviews

● Digital fireside video chat

● Q&A interview with your expert (article)

● Insight series (interview article)

● Product launch


Advertising & Distribution

● High impact digital display

● Email newsletter sponsorship

● LinkedIn awareness campaigns

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About MarketingTech News


Established in 2011 and with 360,000 readers annually, MarketingTech provides news, analysis and opinion around digital marketing for CMOs, marketing managers and digital strategists, focusing on customer experience, data-driven marketing, mobile marketing, advertising, social media and more.


Expert columnists in 2019 included industry heavyweight Brian Solis, as well as CMOs from Synchronoss Technologies, Zoovu, Campaign Monitor and Thunderhead among others.


MarketingTech was ranked by Feedspot in 2019 as its #2 marketing tech blog resource, while research from TopLine Comms in 2019 of more than 250 marketing directors saw MarketingTech cited as a top publication read by marketers.

LinkedIn Awareness

DMWF Online has one of the largest distributions channels on LinkedIn, with over 4.7 million people connected in it’s groups and communities. These groups are target to niches around digital marketing, social, search, mobile, advertising, commerce, media, communication and more.

Each of these groups can have recommended posts boosted to the audience once a week, promoting either lead gen, brand awareness, webinars, white papers, interviews and a variety of other areas. For the full list of 30+ groups, please use the enquiry form to contact the team.

Marketing & Communication

Reach: 830,000

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Digital & Social Media Marketing

Reach: 13,000

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Digital Marketing: Social Media, Search, Mobile & more

Reach: 572,000

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Media & Marketing Professionals Worldwide

Reach: 673,000

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Mobile Marketing & Advertising

Reach: 264,000

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Mobile Marketing, Advertising & Commerce

Reach: 23,000

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