Stand No: 49

Gigapay helps businesses operating in the creator economy streamline high-frequency payouts to short-term workers anywhere in the world.

Our payout solution allows marketplaces, brands, and platforms to expand their influencer marketing strategies without worrying about compliance and other technicalities. With Gigapay you can pay any influencer, with or without a company, wherever they are in the world. Just focus on what you are best at, and we take care of the rest!

And Creators love us too! Gigapay for Creators offers any creator the possibility to create and send invoices for all their collaborations – the creator doesn’t need a registered company to do it. They just have to log in to our app, create an invoice and send it to the brand they have collaborated with. Once it is accepted, the money is paid to their own bank account in just 7 seconds. It is hard not to love that – in more than 35k invoices paid, we have gotten an NPS of 85.

Renowned companies have trusted us to streamline their high-frequency payouts. Join our community and start doing it today!

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