Stand No: 76

Mediawide and their Personalised Interactive Video Platform (PVP), can create and distribute personalised videos on a mass scale in real time, which are used for pre-sales, remarketing, onboarding, and upselling.


With the tremendous rise in video content marketing, brands find it challenging to acquire new customers, improve conversion rates and increase sales with content that is both relevant and engaging. It’s a form of marketing that isn’t going anywhere, so it becomes essential to tailor content and elevate customer’s experience every single time. And for brands and marketers, nothing can work better than interactive personalised videos – a simple solution for easy and effective customer engagement.


Personalized videos give 280% greater returns than traditional email, have four times more open-rates, and eight times more click through rates (CTR). Engagement levels are two times higher, and renewal rates are 12% higher in customers who watch a personalized video.


If you or your brand don’t know how to create video templates, or even know where to start, Mediawide professional services can help.  With a team of highly skilled designers and creative editors, Mediawide can build your personalised video template in a matter of days, ready to send out to the world.


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