Stand No: 194

Mida is a super fast and affordable A/B testing platform that has everything you need to set up A/B test variants without crazy coding skills. No dev team? No problem!

Our lightweight A/B testing platform ensures your website remains fast and responsive, offering truly transparent usage-based pricing. With Mida, you can cut your SaaS spend and say goodbye to seat-based and feature-gated pricing.

For brands and agencies that want to experiment, measure, and double down on what works, Mida helps you see the impact of your new ideas across key business metrics such as revenue, conversion rate, average order values, and add-to-cart. Guess less, learn more.

It’s free to start, and you can invite unlimited team members to collaborate on your A/B testing journey. Bring your whole team to the party and start optimising your website today with Mida!