Mums in Marketing
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‘Mums In Marketing’ is an award-winning, free community and membership for women who do marketing and raise humans. By coming together, we make marketing easier.


We are drawn together not just because of our passion for marketing but because we are mothers. That combination is something incredibly powerful. We absolutely believe we can create change; we are here to help keep mothers in our industry and to champion ALL of the talent and expertise that they bring from the full spectrum of our creative family and employment status. We are here to recognise and celebrate our parenting journey – and do marketing in a way that works for us.

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Claire Ferreira is the award-winning Founder of Mums in Marketing (MiMs). A global community for ‘Women Who Do Marketing and Raise Humans’.

Despite a successful career spanning almost 20 years, Claire suffered crippling imposter syndrome and loss of confidence after the birth of her children. Mums In Marketing was launched in 2020, with the aim of recognising the incredible contribution ‘MiMs’ bring to our industry, and to support them as mothers and as professionals.

Today, thousands of amazing women from across the globe come together to share opportunities, support, build confidence and create change together.

An expert in building online and offline communities, Claire is a regular keynote speaker, sharing her experience of changing direction after 40 and growing a community of thousands of inspiring women.

Connect with Claire at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/claire-ferreira-mumsinmarketing/