Stand No: 52

SocialVoice.ai gives you a game-changing, frame by frame, word by spoken-word analysis of influencer videos on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.
Forget the simple metadata, we bring you the actual spoken voice of the influencer. #omg #til #ai

SocialVoice.ai solves 3 fundamental problems more effectively than has ever been possible before:

1) The inability to get inside the back catalogue of an influencer’s social videos and be certain that they haven’t said anything that could damage a campaign.

2) The amount of unnecessary time, resources and subsequent costs involved when recruiting and conducting safety checks on influencers.

3) The lack of confidence that your marketing decisions are as strong as they could be because they’re based on a fraction of knowledge around what is truly being said about your brands.

Contact Nicholas Greig at nick.greig@socialvoice.ai to learn more.