Stand No: 87

Storyclash is a software company based in Linz, Austria. Consumer brands use the AI-powered Influencer Marketing Platform to discover and analyze brand-fit creators based on their published content. Brands can also use Storyclash to have an indepth look at their competitors and be able to fully break down their influencer campaign strategy in just a few clicks. The proprietary technology allows marketing teams to track and measure the content creator’s work across any social media platform, including Instagram and Tiktok. With Storyclash, marketing teams can also manage their creators with a fully customizable CRM, built for them, by them. Storyclash is used by fast-growing DTC brands such as Wild, ACAI, True Fruits and Smartypants along with established large consumer brands like Vodafone, Lululemon, Athletic Greens and Trendyol. We also work with agencies such as Carma and Dentsu Creative.