With over ten years of leadership experience in building high-performing teams in emerging technologies, and the data industry, Dany is pioneering Adverity’s expansion within North America. He has experience working across multiple clients within the media and advertising industry, leading them on how to create a better data culture, building data architectures and reporting tools. By collaborating with clients and prospects, he ensures that they not only learn how they can be empowered by becoming more data-driven and digitally mature, but formulates the strategies and mindset it takes to progress along that journey.

Dany’s previous experience was with Dentsu owned iProspect, where he held the position of VP Data and Technology. At iProspect, he was responsible for setting the vision and strategy for the new data & technology function within Dentsu’s media line of business ExCom. Additionally, he designed and built the data architecture, analytics and visualisation pipelines for regional and multinational clients.