Dion has worked at Facebook for the last 6 years. As Head of Fashion she is working across a combination of both pure e-commerce, as well as multi-channel retailers.  Prior to her current, she worked for 11 years within media agencies, working across multiple media channels. As a previous planning director and now social media consultant, it ensures for her clients a sophisticated understanding of brand and e-commerce strategy.  To date she has worked across brands such as ASOS, Arcadia Group, Net-a-Porter and Coca Cola.


Retail in the Age of Discovery


Today’s fastest growing retailers don’t wait for demand, they create it. This is because today’s consumers want brands to find them with products they didn’t even know they wanted, at the right time, through immersive experiences.


Facebook’s Dion Magee, Head of Fashion UK, shares new insights into one of the biggest trends in social commerce at the moment, discovery. She will share her view on how retailers can learn from disruptors leading the way through passive discovery, and demonstrate through real life examples what the next phase of social shopping looks like.