Gareth has had the pleasure of leading the marketing for household name brands like John Smith’s, Bulmers, Lurpak, Arla in local and global roles.  And now he’s Head of Marketing at Weetabix, where he has worked since June 2019.  He’s passionate about working in brand led organisations with a long term, strategic approach to brand building, mixed with a good dash of bravery.

Career highlights (so far) include buying a racehorse for John Smith’s, new product launches like Bulmers fruit ciders and the recently negotiated partnership between the FA and Weetabix.   In 2021 Gareth’s team unleashed the multi award winning “Beanz on Bix” on the world and broke the internet in the process.

Gareth is a regular contributor to Marketing Week and frequently shares his marketing perspectives on LinkedIn and in his email newsletter.  Subjects he is especially passionate about include the benefits of a productive, more respectful relationship between agencies and clients, and how to enable bolder marketing in your business.