Giuseppe Baidoo is the CEO and co-founder of Gusto snacks, an award-winning brand on a mission to reduce food waste while improving consumers’ well-being and the planet.

With a background in product design and 10 years of experience in marketing and brand building, he has successfully shaped the company’s brand vision, propelling it to rank among the top 100 startups in the UK. Under his leadership, Gusto Snacks has expanded its presence to multiple national retailers in London, including Selfridges and WHSmith.

Giuseppe’s innovative approach to marketing and brand building involves the utilization of unconventional strategies, unique user-centric content, and engaging messaging that stands out and resonates with thousands of customers. This has not only grown the company’s revenue but also elevated its recognition in the market.

Beyond his role at Gusto Snacks, Giuseppe channels his passion for marketing and branding by collaborating with startups in the food and beverage industry. He assists these companies, which are entering the mainstream food market, in developing effective brand and marketing strategies to enhance their brand awareness.