Gordon is Partner and co-founder of The Hook Group, one of the largest youth media groups on social. He met business partner and co-founder Andy Fidler on the first day of University when they were both unfortunate enough to be the only ones wearing Hawaiian shirts on the first night at freshers.


The pair have since gone on to build and sell businesses in the youth and media market over the last 13 years. While looking to advertise their other businesses through the existing Facebook publishers in the space, they saw an opportunity to build their own channel that engaged both a male and female youth audience with quality original content at its core.


They launched The Hook in 2014 and grew it into one of the biggest youth publishers on social known for standout original entertainment and comedy. In 2017, they formed The Hook Group with the launch of The Hook Labs, a creative social media agency which helps brands achieve the same success on social. Gordon and Andy also own a large network of high profile social influencers and micro-influencers and continue to hone a leading expertise in the social marketing space.


Outside of work, if Gordon isn’t hanging out with his wife and two kids he tries to sail at least once a week and is generally passionate about all things outdoors, from climbing and mountain biking to playing tennis (admittedly very badly).