Lisa Eaton is an innovative business leader, marketing authority, global educator, captivating keynote speaker, and the visionary founder behind Fabric Academy. With over two decades of experience, Lisa has honed her skills as a strategic thinker with a proven track record of developing and executing successful marketing and communication strategies for both public and private organisations.


In 2014, Lisa co-founded an acclaimed strategic marketing agency that earned many accolades for its impactful campaigns on behalf of diverse clients and renowned global brands.


In 2021, Lisa’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish Fabric Academy, a groundbreaking online marketing platform dedicated to empowering marketers worldwide. The academy’s pioneering framework, recognised globally, bridges the gap between theoretical learning and real-world industry demands, equipping aspiring marketers with the essential tools and knowledge to craft effective marketing strategies.


In 2023, Lisa successfully led Fabric Academy through its first capital raise, solidifying her position as a prominent advocate for female founders through her involvement in Female Founders Rise. She actively shares her wealth of knowledge and experience with fellow entrepreneurs through keynote sessions, panel discussions, webinars, and events.


Lisa’s exceptional contributions to the business landscape have earned her widespread recognition. In 2023, she was named one of the ’23 Most Influential Women in Tech’ by Start Up Magazines and was a finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards for Entrepreneur of the Year.


Fabric Academy’s groundbreaking Master Strategy Programme received the prestigious ‘Online Course of the Year’ Award from CPD and was shortlisted for the Seed Legals Game Changers Award in 2023. Moreover, Fabric Academy was honoured as one of the top 100 startups in the UK at the Elite Business EB100 Awards in 2024.


Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for advancing women in business, Lisa remains dedicated to reshaping the educational landscape to empower the marketers of the future.