Oana Leonte is a seasoned brand marketer and the host of the popular marketing podcast, Unmtchd. 

With an impressive background, she brings a wealth of experience from her previous roles in marketing and consumer products for Fortune500 brands such as Disney, Warner Bros., and Viacom. She recently left her position as Marketing Director at PUMA, to devote herself to her mission of inspiring marketers to find their voice, own their story and build better brands for the future through her brand transformation consultancy work, as well as her podcast and her upcoming book.  

As a dynamic and engaging speaker, Oana captivates audiences with her insights on the future of branding, navigating the complexities of marketing in a data-driven economy, and the ever-evolving landscape of consumer behaviour. Her ability to blend real-world experiences with cutting-edge trends makes her presentations both informative and inspiring. With a reputation for delivering thought leadership that transcends industry boundaries, Oana is sought after by organizations seeking fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to brand strategy and marketing. Her speaking engagements leave a lasting impact, sparking conversations and driving change within organizations eager to stay ahead of the curve.