Pierre Berthier possesses a distinguished career in market research, having contributed his expertise to industry giants like P&G and Coty between 2011 and 2017. His work has spanned iconic brands such as Ariel, Tide, Lacoste, and Escada, where he honed his skills in understanding market dynamics and consumer behavior. In 2017, driven by a vision to revolutionize market research through a more behavioral approach and real-world testing conditions, Pierre founded eMazing Retailing. At eMazing, he pioneered the development of innovative methodologies, frameworks, and tools that have become the cornerstone of the company’s operations. His leadership has propelled eMazing to specialize in providing accurate market research predictions and optimizing eCommerce strategies. Under Pierre’s guidance, eMazing Retailing has successfully executed over 500 projects across a global landscape, from Saudi Arabia to South Korea, closely emulating shopping experiences on platforms like Amazon, Target, Coupang, and Tmall. His work emphasizes the importance of understanding consumer behavior in digital environments, positioning eMazing as a leader in the field. Pierre’s vast experience and forward-thinking approach have established him as a key figure in market research, dedicated to enhancing the precision and relevance of data in the digital age