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Listening to and understanding your audience in the moment has never been more important. Access to real-time consumer insight can not only help brands keep a pulse on the changing attitudes of their target audiences but can also lead to better decision-making all around. Better yet, it’s transforming the way brand marketers execute and measure campaigns.

Join this session to hear how programmatic tech is moving beyond just the streamlined delivery of digital ads to truly revolutionize the way brands access and gather consumer insight, measure performance, and ultimately create campaigns that deliver a real impact.


Key Takeaways:

  1. Discuss the key considerations for better campaign measurement, including affording advertisers the increasingly crucial ability to optimise campaigns mid-flight and understand performance in real-time.
  2. Show how market research and brand lift studies specifically can be the answer to the brand lift measurement conundrum, demonstrating through partner and customer examples, when fully adopted and incorporated at the heart of the ad strategy.
  3. Unpack today’s challenges with measurement and discuss the core reasons as to why attitudinal measurement is critical to understanding impact and success

Associated Speakers:

Rosie Bolam

Media Measurement, EMEA


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