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The use of personal data in data-driven marketing provides consumers with the opportunity to live better, consume better, and be more sustainable. But the emergence of privacy laws seeks to balance the customer’s right to privacy with the legitimate interests of companies wanting to serve them, a reality backed by strong data from the Global Data & Marketing Alliance’s (GDMA) latest research, which reveals that over half of surveyed consumers (53%), across 16 countries, agree that the exchange of personal information is essential for the smooth running of modern society. This outcome is one of many, which our panel will delve deeper into, showing a notable decline in levels of online privacy concern, alongside rising public awareness and acceptance of the role data exchange has in the digital ecosystem. Building on these results, we will explore the interconnection between data marketing, consumer trust and privacy regulatory requirements, as well as GDMA’s 7 Global Privacy Principles, which establish a unique framework to ensure organisations across the globe value privacy based on consumer trust through serving each individual with fairness, transparency and respect for privacy.

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Jed Mole

Chief Marketing Officer


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02:20PM - Day 1

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