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This session from Award-Winning Marketer, Coach and Writer, Dr Geraint Evans will challenge you to (honestly) appraise where you’ve got to so far in terms of digital transformation and innovation so far in 2020. The session will include:

  • Benchmarking where you are in terms of the Top 10 Trends you read about in January.
  • Discuss typical organisational blockers and what you can do about them.
  • Look ahead to 2021 and what needs to be on your radar.

Associated Speakers:

Dr Geraint Evans

Executive Coach & Co-Author ‘Sustainable Marketing

Interim CMO Consultant

Associated Talks:

02:40PM - Day 1

View No time to relax – Digital Transformation is about to get even harder. 

09:00AM - Day 1

View How are you doing on your 2020 Digital To-Do List?

08:50AM - Day 1

View Digital Transformation & Innovation – Chair’s Welcome & Opening Remarks

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