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Synopsis: Thanks to digital technologies, you can optimize operations in ways that have been impossible before. But what are the challenges in doing so, and most importantly, what can you do to enable the adoption of such technologies more seamlessly and effortlessly? How can we design and execute plans that make it possible to leverage such technologies with minimal disruption to the existing ways of working? Why do digital initiatives often fail and what can you do to make them successful? In this keynote presentation, we answer these questions and provide practical advice to maximize the probability of success of your initiatives outside and inside your company.

Associated Speakers:

Fausto Artico

Global R&D Tech Head and Product Director of Innovation and Data Science


Associated Talks:

02:40PM - Day 1

View How to Adopt Digital Technologies to Improve Operations

03:30PM - Day 1

View Panel: Fast-Tracking Digital and Data Decisions with Generative AI Tools

10:00AM - Day 1

View Panel: Adapting an agile approach to your Digital Strategy

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