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Social Media moves at the speed of lightning. And people’s feeds are filled with things they love most: puppies, TikTok make-up transformations, and an endless sea of Instagram models. Cutting through is harder than ever. So, how do you cultivate a culture that continuously raises the bar for customers through bold risks, fast failures, quick learnings, and ambitious scaling? In this talk, I’ll provide a few actionable tips that helped Amazon Prime Video achieve triple-digit growth in just over a year, securing the title of Europe’s largest Entertainment brand on TikTok somewhere along the way. As we always say at Amazon, it’s still and always Day One. We have yet to learn everything, but we’ll share a little of what we think we know so far.

Associated Speakers:

Carlo Frem

Head of Social Media & Editorial Content, Europe

Amazon Prime Video

Associated Talks:

01:00PM - Day 2

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