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Search Engine Results Pages are the places where our customers are being served the best and most relevant content based on their needs. They are designed to meet people’s implicit needs, not just be served what we as marketers want them to see.

By analysing the results on these pages we can glean insight into the intent which drives any particular search and we can see how these needs are being successfully met.

By doing this we can experience what is delighting and best at helping our customers solve their problems, and improve their lives.
I will show how to use Google to gain empathy for your customers by understanding the things they actually want to do. Spoiler alert: it’s not very often they want to buy something.

This is not a technical talk about classifying keywords, or competitor analysis through SERP data. It is a human talk, not just for SEOs, but for all marketers, on how to gain a deeper understanding of our customers by walking their shoes.


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Jon Falgate

SEO Manager

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12:10PM - Day 2

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