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The luxury industry has mastered the art of storytelling to create desirability around the world’s most enviable brands and to influence us all. But what makes a great story and how do you then share it effectively with your target audience?

Rumble Romagnoli, CEO of digital marketing agency Relevance, shares his insights on how to be an effective storyteller. He explores in-depth memories, archetypes, personas, techniques, and key takeaways. In addition, he highlights effective brand techniques of some of the best storytelling examples from the luxury industry. Once you have mastered the art of storytelling you will be able to place your brand message into the thoughts of communities and generations of people. That is when the real magic starts to happen, and your brand can thrive in the long-term.

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Rumble Romagnoli



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11:45AM - Day 2

View Exclusive Insights from Luxury Brands: How Storytelling Will Help Your Brand Thrive In The Long Term.

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