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Chartered Psychologist Alan Gray reveals 7 ways to increase your online influence.

Alan Gray is a specialist researcher and chartered psychologist who researches drivers of influence in online content. After 12 months analysing campaign content and performance results, he is presenting his top 7 ways to boost your influence online, using science.
Not only will this helpful guide give practical advice that you can use when crafting your next influencer briefs, it will introduce you to the importance of psychology in online relationships. By analysing content using behavioural science, you’ll not only walk away with practical advice but a fresh perspective to analyse your future content with.

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Alan Gray

Senior Research Psychologist


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09:30AM - Day 1

View Influencer marketing, powered by behavioural science

11:50AM - Day 1

View Virtual: How to Increase Your Online Influence

12:00PM - Day 1

View The Psychologist’s Guide to Influencer Marketing

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